Rain Barrel Parts Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Question: Why do I need a downspout diverter?


A downspout diverter is what is used to divert the water over to the container. With the diverters we offer you have choices as to how to do this.

A diverter from RainBarrelParts.com also makes it easier to take a rain barrel off-line. The most common reason for taking a rain barrel off-line is winter weather.

Question: What are these parts made out of?

These rain barrel parts are made from the very best materials.

Question: What colors are the Seasonal Downspout Diverters available in?

We have chosen the 10 most common gutter colors. Check out the color chart here.

Question: I need an extra elbow to get to the top of my rain barrel. Can I order that too?


Extra Style A and Style B elbows may be ordered to complete your installation. Don't forget the downspout straps!

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