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EarthMinded Flexifit Diverter | Fits 3x4 Downspouts

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FlexiFit Diverter for 3inch x 4inch Rectangular Downspouts

Don't want to cut your downspouts to install a rain barrel? Using a 2 1/8 drill bit to drill the proper size hole ( you can order a complete set of drill bits available separately) you will just drill one hole and install the FlexiFit Downspout Diverter.

Don't forget to add the pair of screws to your order, winter cover, or hoses

Installation: Inserts into Downspout ONLY on the 3 inch side of the downspout:

FlexiFit Downspout Diverter for 3x4 Downspouts

The FlexiFit Diverter is at position #6 in the drawing below.

EarthMinded RainBarrel parts map

EarthMinded FlexiFit Diverter for 3x4 Downspouts Installation

  • Model: rbpEM_RSP_diverter_flexifit34

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