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EarthMark Dual Garden Hose Adapter

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The Dual Garden Hose Adapter inserts into the EarthMark Downspout Diverter (Yes, it fits the Universal and the 3x4 sizes) and allows you to regulate water outflow. The knob on the face allows for the following positions:

  • Completly closed
  • Left outlet open Only
  • Right outlet open Only
  • Both outlets open

This device is great when you want to fill containers and the containers are too far away to easily link together. Perhaps you just want to move water out and away to you favorite tree or bush directly from the downspout. Reduce errosion at the discharge location next to your home by moving the water from the downspout via the 1 or 2 garden hoses!

Simply insert the Dual Garden Hose Adapter, rotate the knob to the desired settings and attach your garden hoses.

Dual Garden Hose Adapter face - EarthMark F-RN074


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  • Model: rbpEM_frn074

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