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Rain Barrel Parts Kit for 2x3 Downspouts | No Drill Bits

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Do It Yourself Rain Barrel Kit - No drill bits / hole saws - 130110

Key Features:

  • Install a rain barrel without disassembling your downspout - just drill one hole into the downspout
  • Flexi-Fit downspout diverter will fit both the 2x3 and 3x4 rectangle downspout when install ONLY on the 3" side of either downpipe
  • Kit does not include drill bits to save you money if you already have them

Parts List: Universal DIY Rain Barrel Kit for Rectangular Downspouts

All of these parts are included in your Complete DIY Rain Barrel Kit:

You supply the water tight container and we supply nearly everything else you need to bring the rainwater from the 3x4 downspout to fill, drain and divert the over-flow of your container back into the downspout.

  • Model: rbpEM_RbP130110

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