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Rain Barrel Spigot with Rubber Grommet

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Rain Barrel Spigot: Fits Standard Garden Hose - Installs From Outside of Drum or Barrel


  • EASY TO INSTALL - 1 1/4" hole necessary to insert threaded rubber grommet & then screw plastic spigot into the threaded rubber grommet; use this rain barrel spigot to a replace missing one
  • ADDED CONVENIENCE - garden hose threads on the outlet side of the rain barrel spigot allows for an easy connection of a garden hose
  • The spigot is made of plastic, so it doesn't have the expansion and contraction issues of metal spigots.
  • ON/OFF TURN VALVE - rotate the handle to start or stop the water flow
  • SAVE WATER AND MONEY - collect and conserve chemical-free rain water, reduce your water bill and use environmentally friendly methods to water your plants and complete your outdoor chores
  • Includes: Threaded Seal and Red Handle Shut Off Valve

rain barel spigot with threaded rubber grommet rain barrel spigot with threaded rubber seal

  • Model: rbpEM510

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