Rain Barrel Part: Winter Cover
for Rectangular Downspouts

Winterize Your FlexiFit Diverter Downspout Opening

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Winter Cover
Made from durable EPDM rubber for years of trouble free service.

Brand: EarthMinded

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This part works as a winter replacement for the EarthMinded FlexiFit Diverter for rectangular downspouts.


When it's time to put the rain barrel away for the winter season, empty the rain barrel, remove the screws and Flexi-Fit Diverter and cover the hole in the downspout with this winter cover plate.

EarthMinded Winter Hole Cover EarthMinded Rain Barrel Parts Kit Tilt to empty the rain barrel for winter

Tip/Helpful Hint: Did you lose the winter cover over the past summer?

Take a piece of fishing nylon and thread it through the screw hole. Loop the other end through the Flexi-Fit diverter screw hole. Now they will both be tied together and always hanging on the downspout pipe.


The Winter Cover at position #7 in the drawing below and
when installed it is at position #6.
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EarthMinded Rain Barrel Part:
Winter Cover for Rectangular Downspouts + Screws

Winter Cover, Rectangular + Screws ($3.05 Shipping)

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