Rain Barrel Part: FlexiFit(TM) Diverter
for 3inch x 4inch Rectangular Downspouts

Don't want to cut your downspouts to install a rain barrel?

Using a 2 1/8 drill bit to drill the proper size hole ( you can order a complete set of drill bits available separately) you will just drill one hole and install the FlexiFit Downspout Diverter.

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Brand: EarthMinded

3x4inch FlexiFitâ„¢ Diverter EarthMinded Logo
FlexiFit Downspout Diverter fits 3x4 rectangular downspouts.


Inserts into Downspout

EarthMinded Flexi-Fit downspout Diverter


The FlexiFit Diverter is at position #6 in the drawing below.
The FlexiFit Winter Cover is at position #7 in the drawing below.
Rain Barrel Parts
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3 x 4 inch FlexiFit Diverter and 2 pack of screws
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FlexiFit Diverter, 3x4 inch Rectangular + Screws (Free Shipping to Canada)

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