Rain Barrel Part: FlexiFit(TM) Diverter
for Round Downspouts

Don't want to cut your downspouts to install a rain barrel?

With the proper size drill bit (available separately) now you will just drill one hole into your downspout to install the FlexiFit Downspout Diverter.

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Brand: EarthMinded

FlexiFitâ„¢ Diverter EarthMinded Logo
FlexiFit Downspout Diverter fits both 3in and 4in round downspouts.


Inserts into Downspout

EarthMinded Flexi-Fit Downspout Diverter, Round


The FlexiFit Diverter at position #6 in the drawing below.
Rain Barrel Parts

The FlexiFit Diverter is available for delivery to the Canada. To order for USA click here.
For International availability of this product outside North America contact us before ordering.

Rain Barrel Part: FlexiFit Diverters, Round + Screws [EarthMinded]

FlexiFit Diverter, Round + Screws (Shipping $15.00)

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