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Fill Hose [EarthMinded]

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Fill Hose

Brand: EarthMinded

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Key Features:

  • Flexible hose for any orientation next to the barrel.
  • 8 inch expands to 31 inch long hose by 1.25 inches
  • Variable length by pulling it apart
  • Durable plastic construction


This hose connects between the FlexiFit Diverter in the downspout and the Hose Seal installed into your rain water container.

This hose replaces an older design seen in the video.


Fill Hose is at position #5 in the drawing below.
Rain Barrel Parts
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Rain Barrel Parts: 31 inch Fill Hose [EarthMinded]

Fill Hose, 8 in -> 31 in ($3.75 shipping to USA)

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