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Overflow Hose [EarthMinded]

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Fill Hose

Brand: EarthMinded

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Key Features:

  • Flexible hose commonly used with a hose seal to be used as an overflow for a rainbarrel. If you choose to use this for a long reach to your barrel location it MUST be supported or it WILL sag under the weight of the water moving through it!
  • 15inches (38cm) expands up to 90 inch (152.4cm) long hose by 1.25 inches
  • Variable length by pulling it apart


*This hose connects between the 2x3 FlexiFit Diverter and the Round FlexiFit Diverter in the downspout and the Hose Seal

152.4cm Drain Hose can be used for overflow in many other designs. You should get the matching Hose Seal

Rain Barrel Parts: Overflow Hose, Canada [EarthMinded]

Drain/Fill Hose, 60inch ($12.75 shipping)

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