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Overflow Hose [EarthMinded]

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Fill Hose

Brand: EarthMinded

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Key Features:

  • Flexible hose for any orientation next to the barrel.
  • 23 inches expands to 92 inch long hose by 1.25 inches
  • Variable length by pulling it apart
  • Durable plastic construction


This hose is most commonly used as an overflow back down to the ground. Can it be used for a very long run to the container - yes BUT! it MUST be supported or it WILL sag and likely pull out of the FlexiFit Diverter and Hose Seal it is connected to.

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Rain Barrel Parts: 92 inch Overflow Hose [EarthMinded]

92 inch Overflow Hose x 1.25" ($2 shipping USA)

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