Complete DIY Rain Barrel Parts Kit
for 3x4 Rectangular Downspouts

Turn nearly any water tight container into a rain barrel with a DIY Rain Barrel Parts Kit.

This is THE Solution for all the parts and drill bits you'll need to convert nearly any wine barrel, trash can or plastic barrel into a rain barrel. Really!

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Note: Rain Barrel Not Included. Some rain barrel parts in the kit may be different then shown

Brand: EarthMinded(TM) Parts Kit

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Key Features:

  • Install a rain barrel without disassembling your downspout - just drill one hole into the downspout
  • Flexi-Fit downspout 3x4 rectangle downspout
  • Kit includes the drill bits for the proper size holes to be cut into the downspout and your container
Rain Barrel DIY Kit

Parts List: Complete DIY Rain Barrel Kit for Rectangular Downspouts

Rain Barrel All of these parts are included in your Complete DIY Rain Barrel Kit:
You supply the water tight container and we supply nearly everything else you need to bring the rainwater from the 3x4 downspout to fill, drain and divert the over-flow of your container back into the downspout.
Labeled parts in a DIY Rain Barrel Kit
Note: Rain Barrel Not Included.

Installation Video: DIY Rain Barrel Parts Kit

Note that some rain barrel parts in the kit are different then shown in this video

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Complete DIY Rain Barrel Parts Kit, for Rectangular Diverters

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