Rain Barrel Parts:
Threaded Seals, Specifically For EarthMinded RainStation Rain Barrels!

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Threaded Seals
This is the replacement threaded seal that DOES fit the RainStation Rain Barrel.

Sold in pairs (2)

Brand: EarthMinded

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These grommets are molded with threads inside.
You can screw your Drain Assembly or Spigot into these molded rubber grommets. These are from the same factory that made the original threaded seals that came with your RainStation Rain Barrel!


The RainStation Replacement Threaded Seal is installed between the drain assembly and the barrel at position #3 and #4 in the drawing below.
Rain Barrel Parts
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Rain Barrel Parts:
Threaded Seals for RainStation RainBarrels ONLY!

Threaded Seal for RainStation Rain Barrel ($3.55 shipping)

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